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RD Sicurezza: Always Innovating

R&D SICUREZZA S.r.l. was founded in 2000 with the intention of developing lighting products for the road safety sector..

Thanks to the founders' previous industrial experience in the field of automotive and consumer lighting, various illumination appliances were soon developed, that make use of LEDs and new optical devices with parabolic reflectors, which have been patented in Italy and Europe.

The FLASHER™ product range was designed and proved to be the first ever line of LED devices to be manufactured in Europe in accordance with the EN 12352 standard.

Subsequent years led to improvements in its lighting and mechanical specifications. The range of solutions was extended to shipbuilding, and software was developed for the electronic management of the lighting systems.

Commercial agreements were established in Italy and abroad, in addition to important collaboration work.
This was for the development of mechanical projects for the production of dedicated moulds and optical devices, electronics and new lighting sources that were matched with power supply systems of a renewable energy type.

R&D Sicurezza is proud to be part of
Consorzio Arredo Urbano

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